Individual trips to India

We organize individual tour in India with rental cars with private drivers for up to 4 people. The best solution for a personalized tour in India.

Individual trips to India

If you want to organize an individual tour to India, we have different car with private drivers for up to 4 people. The best solution for a personalized tour in India.

If you want to organize your individual tour in India according to your needs, our driver tours offers the convenience of a personalized tours to be free move in India safely.
An individual tour with driver gives you the opportunity to travel safely and freely, without binding yourself to the timetables of public transport and the convenience of traveling with a professional driver who can give you useful tips on places to visit.
Our cars with driver are led by expert guides, often local, who have a considerable experience in the area allowing you to know the local customs and follow alternative routes to the usual organized tours.
All the individual tours can be tailored to your needs and always include the expenses related to the car (insurance, fuel, tolls and taxes) and to the driver (accommodation and board).

For your individual tour in India we have many cars for hire up to 4 people plus driver that you can discover in the dedicated section of our website:
the freedom to move freely in India at a reasonable cost.


A tour operator with professional experience
Our professionalism gained with many years of experience allows us to know the needs of our customers.
We are aware that you will visit India and that you will want to better enjoy your experience so we will take care of the organization of your individual journey suggesting alternative routes less traveled by mass tourism.

Professional drivers
It is well known that traffic in India is very chaotic and especially if you come from Europe or the United States, you will probably not be used to the traffic of the cities of India.
Our drivers allow you to travel in India in absolute safety.
Punctuality, precision, knowledge of the territory, professionalism, safety in driving are some of the fundamental characteristics of all our drivers.
Our drivers know perfectly the territory in which they move and can provide alternative routes in case of traffic problems.
All drivers speak fluent English and Hindi.
The human aspect is fundamental for us and we want to emphasize that at the end of your tour your driver will become your best friend in India.

Personalized individual itineraries
On our site we offer some packages already preconfigured as we know the needs of our customers.
The individual packages can be customized according to your requests or we can create an individual tour customized for you.

Our cars
We have different types of rental cars from the cheapest to the most luxurious.
We take particular care of the maintenance of our rental cars with driver to avoid any mishaps.
In case it was not possible to finish the tour for a technical incontinence due to the vehicle we will replace the car, without charge, with another vehicle with the same characteristics or superior characteristics.

Contact us to organize your individual car with driver tour in India and for a personalized quotation.

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